Simplicity Parenting Groups

Anyone can read a book, and most parents have read several, but real change can be difficult to pull off by yourself. Simplicity Parenting groups, led by a licensed therapist, are designed to help support you and your family's desire to change and to help you connect with this broader movement.

The group experience is:

  • 7 bi-weekly classes consisting of 8-12 parents
  • Based on the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne
  • Led by Brian Lewis, MFT, ATR, Certified Simplicity Parenting Group Leader. More about me here.
  • Exploring how to connect your parenting style and skills with your values
  • An effective blend of support, learning, discussion, and integration
  • Supporting sustainable simplifying self-selected change
  • Uniting parents in the shared endeavor of parenting
  • Enhancing loving connection at home

Outline of Group Meetings:

  1. Why Simplify: Values and ideals, motivation for change.
  2. Checking for Soul Fever: Developing recognition and response.
  3. Environment: Creating context for connection.
  4. Rhythm: Making a place for pause. How rhythm creates discipline.
  5. Scheduling: Building balance and increasing security.
  6. Filtering Out: Protecting and strengthening our children.
  7. Simplicity To Go: Making our changes last.

Simplicity Parenting Study Aids: Audio downloads and books available above